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I vividly remember the first time I made something to gift to others. My sister and I were in form 4 and on a tight budget for Christmas gifts. We went to a ten dollar store on Frederick St. and purchased some tacky little figurines but what made them special was the personalized packaging. We placed them in brown paper bags that we punched and gave ribbon handles, these were then tastefully adorned with each of our friend’s initials and glitter. Our friends were as delighted as we were for the personalized touch.

As a lover of cards and handwritten letters and photographs I continued as the years rolled on to gift family and friends with handmade cards and the like. In 2012, I sold my first set of Christmas tags(see picture) and timidly started offering my services to others. It was and still continues to be a bit scary putting a price on a passion & exposing myself creatively to others’ critique. Yet,very little compares to the joy one gets from giving! One of my clients mentioned recently that she literally feels the love poured into a creation. I was touched to learn this as every creation is a labour of love. I hope to capture the essence of the recipient of a card and convey the spirit of the relationship they share with the one who requests it. Life’s greatest success is successful relationships.

“rijoy.creates” embodies a personal mantra: “reach out and touch.”Thank you for reading.
Let’s get creating together!

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