Who is Business Pages TT?

Business Pages TT is a local online video directory for all businesses throughout our twin island Republic. This directory is an innovative and cost effective advertising tool, which gives the business community an opportunity to bring your customers closer to you, through the use of technology, by placing your business in front of your customers 24/7 with a personal digital introduction.

How will visitors find my directory listing?

We will actively promote businesspagestt through a variety of community venues, media coverage, and registration on various Internet search engines. Once visitors access the site, the Business Directory is easily accessible from the homepage. Visitors can click on the directory link to get quick access to the search feature, which allows them to search by keyword, product or service, or access the entire list of businesses and organizations in the directory.

How can I Join Business Pages TT?

Joining our directory can be done with two simple steps. First you submit your business using the Submit Your Business form, next we will create your listing with the information you submitted in trial mode. Once payments have been made you will have full access to login to your profile to make changes to your listing if it’s needed. Your account will be set up with the username and default password which you can changed.


What if I don’t find a directory category that fits my business or organization?

While the business directory covers a broad cross-section of categories, a business or organization may not find a category that describes its services. Therefore, we have reserved a field in the submission form for this purpose. We will then decide whether we can accommodate a new category, as the addition may have a broader impact on the directory’s organization and maintenance.

What does my listing entail?

You will get a full page listing with your business name inserted on businesspagestt.com under one business category and one location category. Your listing will include your business name, phone number, address, contact, photos, video, social media links, and the hours of operation. You are allowed up to one business video and 5 photos on your listing page. Customers who use our Directory will have access to your business 24/7.


How will I renew my listing?

Directory listings packages are valid for one year, with an anniversary date when your business first appears on BusinessPagesTT. Notices for renewals will be sent to the identified contact person for the listing 30 days in advance of the anniversary date, with a further 7 days suspension notice if payments are not made. Payment must be received by BusinessPagesTT by the anniversary date or your listing may be suspended.

Who can register for a directory listing?

Any business, service, or organization located within Trinidad and Tobago can register for a listing in our Business Directory. The goal of this directory is to promote awareness of local businesses and services in an innovative, modern and cost effective way, which gives the business community an opportunity to bring their customers closer to them whether on home computers, laptops, smart phones or other smart devices.

What is a Business Profile Video?

A “Business Profile Video” is a short video (1-3 min) that offers a concise overview of your business.
Business Profile Videos are a fantastic way to provide potential customers with a more in-dept knowledge of what you offer before they even enter your business place or organization. It is done in a professionally produced, compelling video that will give your current and future clients greater insight into your unique company.



Can I update my directory listing?

You control the content in your directory listing and have the capability to update it online whenever you need to make a change. During the online registration process, you will choose a username and a default password that is expected to be changed for your personal access. When you want to make a change, log into your account select the “My Listings” tab on the top right, then click edit on the listing you want to update. Your changes will be online within a few minutes.

Why should i have a Business Profile Video?

We live in a digital age that consumes our eyes with moving visual images, and thus it is essential for businesses to take part in this phenomenon. With successful websites such as Vimeo and YouTube, we can come to the conclusion that the impact of video has been impressive and videos are here to stay. Businesses can use videos to explain, entice, and sell their products or services. Through the use of videos, businesses can show exactly what they can offer to their clients.

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