Video marketing is one of the most effective forms of customer engagement as it conveys the information more sufficiently and builds trust into the brand. Listing your business with us will certainly create more awareness and widen your customer base. Potential customers want to make quick, informed decisions and what better way to do that then through a high quality video.

This type of content marketing really opens up your business and adds value to your service by building a bigger picture. There are some real hidden gems within Essex and Suffolk and we want to be able to bring them to the attention of the public.

If your business already has a video then you can have your business listed with us from £150.00 for a year. The listing is a very comprehensive one. The value of putting your business video onto our portal is that consumers will be able to share your video immediately with others who they feel would be interested.
limited time offer

If your business does not already have a video, we can put you in touch with video production companies who can provide you with business video packages from £450.00.
The video production team will discuss with you your ideas before arriving to shoot your bespoke video which can then be added to our portal.